We offer our individual prints for those who have unique needs or wants and our collections just don't fit the bill. The perfect example is someone looking for a 20x30 gallery wrapped canvas, 1 - 8x10 and 384 wallets from four different poses!

Each unit is based on a different pose and like all our final prints, basic image retouching & enhancement is included at no extra charge.
(that includes blemish removal, teeth whitening, eye brightening, etc.FREE!)

Individual prints also come with CLICK Rewards Freebies based on the total print order amount!

Print Sizes & Prices

3.5x5 unit - $49 (or less), additional 3.5x5 units from same pose $30 (or less)

4x6 unit - $59 (or less), additional 4x6 units from same pose $35 (or less)

5x7 unit - $59 (or less), additional 5x7 units from same pose $35 (or less)

8x10 unit - $59 (or less), additional 8x10 units from same pose $35 (or less)

8 Wallets (same pose) - $40 (or less)
16 Wallets (same pose) - $55 (or less)
24 Wallets (same pose) - $65 (or less)
32 Wallets (same pose) - $75 (or less)
48 Wallets (same pose) - $95 (or less)
64 Wallets (same pose) - $120 (or less)
96 Wallets (same pose) - $160 (or less)
192 Wallets (same pose) - $240 (or less)

Plus any CLICK Rewards that apply!

Individual Print Units are based on each unit being from a different pose. If you're interested in a mix of sizes from the same pose our standard & designer collections are the most cost effective solutions. Check out our FAQs section or call if you have any questions.

Designer Collections: D-Collection 1 - D-Collection 2 - D-Collection 3
Standard Collections: S-Collection 1 - S-Collection 2
Wall Portraits - Individual Prints

Be sure to check out our FAQs section for common questions & answers!