Miscellaneous FAQs

Q. Do I have to put down a $500 deposit when I book my daughters session?
A. No, when you book the session the only thing we require is the session fee to hold the date. You can mail a check (to our Jenison location, payable to "CLICK photographic LLC") or pay with a credit/debit card right over the phone.

You pay the print order deposit of $200 the day of your session.

If you're booking one of our DiscGo sessions you pay 50% when you book the session(s) and the remaining balance the day of the session. Once the DiscGo session is paid in full we mail the disc with copyright release letter within 48 hours for FREE!

Q. Can I buy a disk with all of the images from my senior session?
A. YES! - New for 2014 Seniors we have our DiscGo sessions! You get the session, the disc with all of the high resolution images (125 - 300+ depending on sessions) & copyright release letter mailed to you within 48 hours! You can print your images anywhere you want, as many as you want, any size you want!

We also offer a Disc option for our CLICKseniors.com Designer Colletions, all of the details are listed under "extras" for each of the collections.

Q. What happens if it rains on the day of my beach session, will I loose my session discount if we reschedule?
A. No, we'll just reschedule the session and you'll still get the same percent off. We usually keep at least one day each week open in case the weather isn't cooperating and we need to move some sessions so we should be able to get you in the next week.

Q. I see that June is 10% to 20% off prints, what's the difference?
A. Something new we've added this year is an extra 10% off is you place your order and pay for it within TWO weeks of the digital proofs being posted online. Most people have a pretty good idea of the number of prints they need or a certain amount they want to spend on their package.

It's a bonus 10% we give for helping to keep our order workflow moving. We don't want to pressure or rush people into making a decision, but if you know what you want at the time of your session you can save a little extra.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We have three locations. Our main shooting location for seniors is our Grand Rapids studio located at 1111 Godfrey SW, suite 201 (it's got all the cool urban, NY style old building charm that we just love). We have our new 7813 Cottonwood Dr. Jenison location which is currently under construction (it has become the never ending construction project). Finally our home office is located just a few blocks from the 7813 studio and it's the place where the image editing & design goes on until the wee hours of the morning.

Q. How do we choose a photographer?
A. Good question.

Here's our advice (regardless of whether you choose us or someone else):

1.Do you like the style of their images?

2. Do the people in their sample images look natural? (i.e. happy, relaxed, personality shows in the pictures. This is VERY important.)

3.Does their pricing fit your budget?

Here are some things to ask before booking a session:

1. Who will my photographer be and can I see samples of just his/her portfolio work? If the photographer you're considering can only show you 10-20 images total (all from only a couple different people, usually all shot outside with no indoor studio image examples) you might want to think twice about using them. Anyone can pick up an inexpensive digital camera, get a couple ok images, spend 5 hours per image in photoshop making them look good and call themselves a photographer. If they're giving away a free session getting 1 usable image out of 100 might be acceptable, is it worth taking the time getting ready and driving to a location in hopes of getting a few mediocre images from someone who shoots on the side or for a hobby?

2. Are these actual local seniors that you show on your site? The new trend in portrait photography is to pay to go to seminars/workshops where new and old photographers go and photograph models to "build" or "freshen" their portfolios. The sessions are staged with models and instructors that tell students what to set their cameras at and where to stand. What happens when they get back home and still have no idea how to shoot but they got a few juicy images for their website portfolio? It's the future client who loses in this case. We call that Simply Preposterous Agendas. All good reputable studios photograph their own local talent and don't pay to look like something they're not.

3. How long have you been in business? This can be a tricky one. I know studios that have only been around for 1 year but are incredible shooters. I also know of studios that have been around for 40 years and still look like they're shooting in the 70's. Ask to see all of their work not just their 10 best images from the past 10 years! That's the reason we display hundreds of images every year, even archived galleries from previous years. We want to show you that getting great images over and over again isn't luck...it's what separates professional photographers from the rest!

Q. Can I use my senior pictures on my facebook page?
A. Absolutely! We'll email you web ready images of all your final order pictures. Feel free to use them on your facebook, myspace, website, as wall paper, etc. the only thing we ask is that you do not digitally alter them in any way.

Q. Will I be entered to win a FREE Mustang or Jeep if I use you?
A. Sorry, we don't do gimmicks or marketing hype. Our deal is great images at great prices...original creative portraits is our doorbuster. What senior portraits and a chance to win a free car have to do with each other is beyond me? Be sure to read the fine print about how these "you're entered to win" promos are NATION WIDE and what your chances of wining are (you'd have better odds with a lotto ticket). Some studios will even go to the extent of borrowing a car from a local dealer to hang signs on it saying you could win this...smoke and mirrors. We don't. No games, No Gimmicks...Just Great Images!

Q. Do you price match?
A. That's a tough one. We can price match other studios that are at the same level of quality. Portrait photography can be somewhat subjective to say the least. What one person might call a "great image" another person might look at and say "bad lighting, color balance off, camera shake, over exposed, bad composition, etc.". From what other professional photographers and customers have said is that what we offer is better than other studios and it's a fraction of the price. So based on that...we could price match but it may be more than what we normally charge.

Q. Your prices are really low, what's the catch?
A. I honestly get this statement at least once each year "we almost didn't use you because the prices were too cheap, we thought there was some kind of catch" to which I always reply "I'll gladly charge you more if it will make you feel better!". No games here at CLICK...we want pricing to be fair for us and our clients. Great Images, Great Prices.period.

Q. My mom wants me to have my aunt take my senior pictures. HELP!
A. If you're on a tight budget we suggest having a professional studio session and having your family member photograph your outdoor shots (best of both worlds). Shooting in studio is much different than an outdoor session. Lighting indoors is a lot more difficult and requires studio lighting and equipment which is unlike shooting outside with available light and just a camera. If things don't work out give us a call. We use studio lights for our outdoor sessions, you can see the difference in the images!

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. I've been shooting portrait for almost 6 years now. I've been shooting commercial for almost 11 years. I've been digitally editing commercial, portrait, fashion & advertising images for almost 20 years.

Prior to opening my own studio I was a Senior Graphic Artist for Adobe Systems Inc (boy do I ever miss the employee discount on software like photoshop!). The down side of that is that I have to do all my own advertising and web design, I just can't give up creative control.

I look at portrait photography this way: I love what I do! I strive to improve every year. I'll gladly put my work up against any studio who's been in business 10, 20 or 40 years. To me it's all about capturing personality in a new and creative way and offering affordable pricing. We started CLICK from scratch, we could have purchased an existing studio and used their name and clients to build the business but that's not the way we do things. No marketing hype here...just original and creative portraits at great prices.

We continue to build our client base on referrals from satisfied customers and wouldn't have it any other way! Honestly, we have the absolute best customers out there! They appreciate our quality, professionalism, style and fair pricing which make me love what I do all the more!

warning, techno mumbo jumbo ahead.

Q. What does studio lighting mean, is there a real difference?
A. It can mean a number of things but most photographers refer to studio lighting as artificial lighting through the use of a continuous light source or strobe lighting (flash). The better the lighting, the better the images...I know this to be a fact! We're an Elinchrom studio, in our opinion the absolute best and most consistent lights on the market. Any time you see pro fashion shooters on tv their shootin Eli's. Trust us, we'd much rather spend $200 per head for cheapy strobes compared to $1600 per head for Elinchroms but the light don't lie, you get what you pay for with studio strobes!

Q. One photographer we talked to kept going on and on about white balance and calibration, what is that?
A. It's something that's as necessary as a lens or light meter and shouldn't even be referred to as a benefit or added feature. White balance is what neutralizes any color cast in an image based on the surroundings and light temperature. The surprising fact is most photographers have no idea what it is, some can't even spell calibration.

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