2011 Senior Picture Ordering Questions

Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to get my print order?
A. Short answer: 2-4 weeks, or less! Long answer: Sometimes a print order is ready in less than a week, it all depends on how much re-touching or special artwork is involved with your order. Custom products and prints like composites or coffee table books always take longer than two weeks. We'll let you know if it's going to take longer than normal but 98% of orders are ready in about 2 weeks.

Q. What happens if I need to re-order more pictures 6 months after my original order, is there a look up fee or any other hidden fees?
A. No, there aren't any look up fees, added charges or minimum order amount for any re-order placed within 1 year of your original order.

Here's something else to keep in mind when ordering, when you place your original order you "lock into" that level of pricing! Say for example you order Designer Collection 2 in September 2010 and in December you realize you forgot to order an 8x10 for aunt Edna, no problem, since you're locked into Designer Collection 2 pricing the cost of that additional 8x10 would be just $12.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Debit Cards. We also accept checks (payable to "CLICK photographic LLC") as well as cash. Your itemized invoice/receipt will packaged with your order or emailed in PDF format to you.

Q. I'm looking at Standard Collection 1, can I trade the 5x7 unit for another 8x10?
A. Sorry, we don't make substitutions unless it's noted in the collection. The good news is that between our Designer Collections, Standard Collections, Individual Prints and Wall Portraits you can custom design a package that will fit anyone's needs, there are literally limitless combinations!

Q. We want Designer Collection 2, Do all 64 wallets have to be from just one pose?
A. If you want to split those wallets between any of the 5 poses that's great...just keep them in multiples of 8 (wow, that rhymes). For example, you could do 8 wallets from pose #1, 16 from pose #2, 8 from pose #3, 24 from pose #4 and 8 from pose #5.

Q. What's the "add more wallets deal" with Designer Collections?
A. It's something new we tried for our 2010 seniors and the response was awesome. We heard it a lot with our seniors from previous years..."mom likes these 2 poses, dad likes this pose, we have to get this pose for grandma & grandpa...so what poses do I get?"

The answer: Pick another 3 poses on top of the included poses from your Designer Collection and get a mega deal too! It's like adding more units to your collection but getting 3 additional poses for FREE! Depending on the package you choose it can save you up to $128.00!!!

Q. Is it possible to have my son's name and year printed on his wallets?
A. Yes, it's just a $30 set up charge. You can have his name and year on all of the wallets and poses or just some of them, it's up to you.

Q. What kind of paper will my pictures be printed on?
A. Depending on the print size and type (i.e. wallets, 8x10, 20x30, gallery wraps, etc.) our prints are either Fuji Professional, Kodak Professional or Giclee Professional.

Professional paper has twice the amount of silver compared to big box discount warehouses or drug store print labs which translates into a more accurate longer lasting print.

Q. Can you remove my daughters eyebrow ring for the final prints in our order?
A. Absolutely, we have a couple options. We can remove it in all the final prints or just the prints for the parents and grandparents. The cost is just $5 per pose.

We can remove just about anything, lip rings, nose rings, tatttos...for all of the final prints or just some of them.

Q. Does the image we choose for the yearbook have to be one of the poses in our collection?
A. Yes, it must be one of the poses from the collection you order. If you want the yearbook to be a different image than the poses from your print order, it would just be the price of "add a pose" from that collection (an example would be Designer Collection 2, if the yearbook image is not one of the 5 poses you chose for your order, the extra yearbook pose would be $20).

If your individual print order is less than $139, the price for a digital yearbook image is $40. Another option in this case would be to hand in one of the hardcopy prints from your order which is free.

Q. My session was in July but I haven't ordered yet, my yearbook deadline is next week (October 24th). Can I get the digital yearbook image before I place my order?
A. Yes, but keep in mind there is a $50 fee for a digital yearbook image that is not ordered at the same time as your print order.

To avoid this $50 yearbook fee place your order at least 3 weeks before your yearbook deadline.

Q. There's nothing listed under the print products, what is that?
A. I know, it's on the list of things to get done! Print Products are anything other than standard prints. You name it...it can be printed on. Most of the products we'll be featuring are coffee table books, albums & folios, press printed open house announcements, etc. There are a lot of products we can get but won't be featuring in this section (some stuff is just plain cheezy:). But anything you could want, we can get it, photobags, playing cards with your picture on them, water bottles, a football, a baseball, calendars, ceramic tiles, the list goes on and on.

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