Proofing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I need to schedule a proof preview session date after my session?
A. Here at CLICK we're just not into high pressure sales! You get to proof your images in the comfort of your own home without being pressured or guilted into spending more than you want to.

It's the same reason we have our pricing posted right online. Some studios choose to list pricing under "investment" (which we think is just a code word for "bring a lot of money with you") and go on to list vague descriptions of what and how much it's gonna cost you. Once they have you in the sales room they can give you the actual pricing along with a great sales pitch on how you really can't put a price on portraits. Like we said earlier, we just don't do high pressure sales. You know what you want, what your budget is and we're not going to try and talk you into spending more.

Q. What are minimags?
A. minimags are 4"x6" spiral bound proof books that let you view your images at a nice printed size. They are actual silver halide prints, just keep in mind that they are not retouched and they are watermarked for copyright reasons.

In the past we did 8"x10" proof books but the size of each image was about 1.25"x2" so it was way too small to get a good idea of how the image actually looked. The 4"x6" size of our minimags is much nicer in helping you make your decisions for your final print order, plus they're the perfect size to bring along to work or family gatherings to get second opinions!

Something new we're doing this year is shipping them right to you for FREE! With the price of gas on the rise and everyone having hectic schedules, making time to schedule a pick up is kind of inconveinient for our clients. So we solved that problem this year with free shipping to you 5-7 days after you have picked your favorites online and paid the $200 print order deposit!

Q. How many minimag proof books do I get?
A. It depends on which session type and how many sessions you have. Simplicity sessions come with one 25 page minimag, Ultimate sessions come with two 25 page minimags. So say for example you had a Studio Ultimate session and a Beach Ultimate session, you would get FOUR free 25 page minimags (100 4x6 proofs of your favorite images!)

Q. Can some of my proofs in my minimag be black & white, if so is there an extra charge?
A. YES you can have some of the proofs in black & white and NO there isn't an extra charge for this. Just let us know which images you want to see in B&W and we'll gladly proof them that way at no extra charge.

Q. Do I have to return the minimags in a certain amount of time? What happens if they get damaged?
A. The minimags are yours to keep! You may do with them whatever you like (you just can't scan them or reproduce them in any way, it's a copyright thing).

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