2011 Senior Portrait Session Questions

Session FAQs

Q. How do I know who will take my senior portraits?
A. EVERY IMAGE on the CLICKseniors.com website was shot by our only photographer Michael, he refuses to let anyone else shoot (it's a Quality & Consistency issue). Every year we hear horror stories about seniors who went to XYZ studio (been around a long time local studios) and got stuck with a "staff" or "associate" photographer and their pictures looked nothing like what they showed on their website. If you decide to go with someone else for your senior portraits make sure you ask who will be photographing your session and ask to see samples of that photographer's work.

We treat ALL our clients the same, it doesn't matter if you're spending $100 or $2000 on your portraits, we're all about capturing the real you! We won't hand you off to "assistant" photographer just because your not going spend $1000 on your order.

It's the same reason we show HUNDREDS of sample images on our website, even archived image galleries from last year and the year before. It's easy to show just a few juicy images from a couple seniors from previous years. We want to show you how we can rock every session time and time again, year after year, with every senior that walks through our door. That's why CLICKseniors is Something Different, Something Fresh, Something New!

Q. Do I need to pay anything when I book my session?
A. When you book your session the only thing we require is the session fee to hold the date. You can mail a check (to our Jenison location, 7813 Cottonwood Dr. Jenison, MI 49428, payable to "CLICK photographic LLC") or pay with a credit/debit card right over the phone.

You pay the print order deposit of $200 the day of your session (or you can to pay the deposit after you view the proofs online after the session if you prefer) which gets you the free minimag(s) delivered to you for free.

If you're booking one of our DiscGo sessions you pay 50% when you book the session(s) and the remaining balance the day of the session. Once the DiscGo session is paid in full we mail the disc with copyright release letter within 48 hours for FREE!

Q. Is there a minimum purchase per outfit or minimum print order amount?
A. No, those are some more of the games we DON'T play. You decide which images and outfits you want to order from. If you want just one session and one 8x10 that's totally up to you! Order as much or as little as you like.

Q. My daughter is scheduled for a studio session tomorrow and she got a pimple right in the middle of her chin, can we reschedule?
A. Yes, but...we might not need to. A few blemishes are easily removed digitally and at CLICK it's absolutely FREE. We offer basic blemish removal, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, all totally FREE.

If the blemish is going to make her feel self conscience then yes, let's reschedule. We want her to be confident, have fun and be herself and if that pimple is going to hinder that we'll gladly change the date.

We even offer digital tanning (if you haven't seen a lot of sun lately), lessen laugh lines, remove bags from under the eyes, bruise/tan line removal, piercing & tattoo removal (for some or all of the pictures), buldge/wrinkle removal, bra straps, extensive blemish removal. Pretty much anything is possible, all at minimal charges.

Q. Will I be in a group with other seniors during my session?
A. No No No...that's way too impersonal for us! Your session is about YOU and YOU ONLY! That being said, you are more than welcome to bring along a friend, family member or pet for some of the shots it's completely up to you.

Q. How many outfit changes can I have in my session?
A. We don't set a limit, it's completely up to you. The only limit is time. If you want a lot of different outfits we recommend one of our ultimate sessions since they are longer.

Bring as many outfits as you want as long as they're outfits that you like. There's no average amount. We've had girls & guys show up with just the one outfit they walked in wearing. We've also had girls & guys show up with more than a dozen. We'll gladly offer suggestions of what we think would look best.

Q. What type of clothes should I bring for my session?
A. We say bring the clothes you normally wear, the ones you feel most comfortable in! If you always wear flip flops, shorts & t-shirts you'll feel relaxed and natural wearing that during your session (unlike putting on a suit & tie, if you never wear them you'll feel tense and it'll show in the pictures).

We've all heard the old portrait rule "never wear stripes or plaids...stick with solids". Well, yes and no. The main focus of the portrait is the face and anything that distracts the viewers eyes from the face should be avoided. So solids are best, but...check out our galleries, we've got a ton of images were people are wearing stripes or other patterned clothing and the images still rock! So it's up to you. Again, bring the clothes that you like and make you...YOU!

Q. Can we get some formal portraits for the grandparents and some fun ones that show my son's personality?
A. Yup, we do it all the time. We can do some quick formal shots to keep grandma and grandpa happy and then move on to the fun ones that let your senior's personality shine! As always, there's no extra charge for this!

Q. What happens after my session?
A. Within 48 hours of your session all of your proof images will be online for you to review and choose your favorites for your minimag(s). As soon as your images are posted you will receive an email with the link to your images as well as a link to our "after the session" section of the website which guides you through the proofing&ordering process step by step. The best part is it's available 24/7 just in case were closed and you have a question!

If you're ordering one or more of our DiscGo sessions we mail the disc with copyright release letter within 48 hours for FREE! No need for online proofing since you get all of the high resolution images on disc to do with as you please.

Q. I see you have session specials in April, May, June and July but not any other months?
A. We offer specials during these months because they are less busy than months like August, September and October (senior madness months) so the earlier you have your session and place your order the better the discount you'll receive.

One special we have year round is the 10% quick-order bonus. Place your complete order and pay for it within TWO weeks of your digital proofs being posted online and get 10% off. It's bonus we offer because it keeps our print order workflow moving.

Q. Do you offer a $20.11 Beach or Studio session for 2011 seniors? How about "Bring a Friend and you're both Free?
A. We don't do gimmicks or games. Those $20.10 sessions and "FREE" sessions are great until you go to order and find out one 8x10 is $95, or there's a minimum $500 order per person.

If you're considering using a studio just because they offer a free session take a look at their images, pricing, (*)details and add up the total cost of the prints you'll be ordering.

You might just discover that the "free" session really isn't free after all, they've just distributed that session fee into the print prices. We think all of our pricing is fair and there's no "smoke & mirror" tactics just to get you in the door. We don't play the "Marketing Hype" or "Looking for Models" games. We just create better images at a better price and let our images do the talking for us!

Q. I want a studio ultimate session, can I get some pictures with my football gear with that session?
A. Yes! The time allotted for each session can be from as many outfits as you want. If you want a lot of sports or hobby shots you might want to add on a diversity session to really focus on that.

Q. My son is a senior next year, can we get some family pictures during his session?
A. Absolutely. There are couple things to be aware of though. 1. Posing a group and changing lighting for it will take more time which takes away from the senior session. 2. Family images cannot be mixed into senior print collections, the family portraits will need to be ordered separately through our CLICKphotographic.com family pricing. If that's good with you it's good with us! Another option is to add a family session immediately before or after the senior session, we'll take 40% off the family session fee doing it that way!

We are working on some sort of discount for family portraits before your grad heads off to college so stay tuned or feel free to ask us about it.

Q. Is there a discount if I have an indoor and outdoor session?
A. Yup, new this year is our Studio/Urban Combo session. click here to check out our sample video to see what it's all about!

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